An Erotic, Gothic-Art Boutique Hotel In Las Vegas Gets Cannabis-Friendly Makeover


Elevations Hotels & Resorts, the company behind the historic Clarendon Hotel & Spa in Phoenix (Arizona’s first cannabis-friendly hotel), is bringing its unique brand of hospitality to Las Vegas.

Elevations will be converting the Artisan Hotel Boutique — known for its gothic art and adults-only theme — into The Lexi, a 64-room destination scheduled to be completed in spring 2023.

But only one floor will be designated cannabis-friendly.

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On the fourth level, each room will feature a state-of-the-art RestorAir filtration system that employs Advanced Oxidation Cell (AOC) technology.

The Lexi allows the Elevations Hotels & Resorts brand to “showcase” its commitment to creating “a new type of hotel concept” and normalizing cannabis in the hospitality space, Elevations president and CEO Alex Rizk explained.

“With The Lexi, our goal is to provide guests with something truly new in Las Vegas,” Rizk added.

The Lexi will also offer a membership initiative for individuals with a so-called “wanderlust mindset.”

Las Vegas is already home to Planet 13 Holdings Inc. PLTH PLNHF, a cannabis company and a tourist attraction in its own right.

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Photo: Courtesy Of Grant Cai On Unsplash


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