An EV ETF that's not all about Tesla


Electric vehicle (EV) ETF (KARS)

One of the themes of 2022 was the collapse in the share price of Tesla (Nasdaq code: TSLA) as it lost around 65% in 2022.

But electric vehicles (EVs) are not going away and the trend of moving to EVs from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles continues. A recent Citi report does see slower take up in EVs but by 2030 they expect global EV penetration to be ±45%.

So we went looking for an ETF that could track this trend and one concern was Tesla, the stock is still expensive and while the competition is late, it is coming thick and fast. We also wanted more than just vehicle manufacturers, we wanted lots of backend EV production and manufacturing in the ETF.

The KraneShares Electric Vehicles And Future Mobility Index ETF (NYSE code KARS) fits the bill in that it focuses on not only the production but also the components that go into EVs. This includes autonomous driving, shared mobility, lithium and/or copper production, lithium-ion/lead acid batteries, hydrogen fuel cell manufacturing, and electric infrastructure businesses.

One of the benefits of investing in KARS is that it provides exposure to a specific and fast-growing sector of the market. EVs and other forms of future transportation are becoming increasingly important as countries, companies and individuals are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuels.

Importantly to some, Tesla is in the ETF, but at 11th position and at a weighting of only 2.78%.

There are 75 stocks in total in the ETF with the highest weighting at under 5% and I like both of those features. There is also a lot of exposure to China, currently the world’s biggest EV market.

We covered a lithium ETF last year, details are here.

Top ten holdings
Area of operation
CONTEMPORARY Produces batteries 4.94%
SAMSUNG SDI CO Battery and electronic materials 3.97%
APTIV PLC Designs, manufactures and assembles the electrical architecture of vehicles 3.90%
PANASONIC Development of diverse electronics technologies and solutions 3.79%
NIDEC Manufacturer and distributor of electric motors 3.53%
ALBEMARLE Lithium, bromine specialities and catalysts manufacturing company 3.36%
GEELY AUTOMOBILE Chinese multinational automotive company 3.10%
LI AUTO Designs, develops, manufactures, and sells premium smart electric vehicles 3.00%
BYD CO Specialises in car-making and manufacturing of rechargeable batteries 2.95%
UMICORE Materials technology company 2.93%
ETF listing details and returns

ETF name KraneShares Electric Vehicles & Future Mobility Index ETF
ETF issuer KraneShares
Issue date 18 January 2018
Total investment cost 0.7%
ETF Benchmark Bloomberg Electric Vehicles Index
Tax-free savings account NO
Market cap US$185million
Performance 1 year -35%
Performance 3 years +31%
Performance since listing +31%
Dividend yield 1.1%

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