Australian FinTech company profile #156 - Fortiro - Australian FinTech


1. Company Name: Fortiro
2. Website:
3. Key Staff & Titles: Sean Quagliani – CEO; David Weber – COO/CFO; Amir Dastjerdi – CTO
4. Location(s): Melbourne, Australia
5. In one sentence, what does your fintech do?: Fortiro owns Protect, the leading real time document authentication SaaS, which detects document fraud and automates document verification to deliver application outcomes faster.


6. How / why did you start your fintech company?: We created Protect off the back of solving live client problems back while working at a large consulting firm. We saw first-hand the gap in the market and the impact such a solution could have in areas such as banking and lending, insurance, and other areas.
7. What is the best thing your company has achieved or learnt along the way (this can include awards, capital raising etc)?: We’ve recently achieved our ISO27001 certification in just under 4 months which we’re pretty chuffed about!
8. What’s some advice you’d give to an aspiring start-up?: Make sure you have a great team with people you trust. Speak to others and seek advice/opinions from potential first customers as you get started.
9. What’s next for your company? And are you looking to expand overseas or stay focussed on Australia?: Big things! We’re focussed on expanding our use cases in Australia/NZ and will look further abroad (North America) in the next 6-12 months.
10. What other fintechs or companies do you admire?: We’re so lucky to have some great fintechs to look up to. We definitely admire our fintech clients who have built awesome fintech businesses. We also look up to others who have carved a path such as FileInvite, FrankieOne, eftSURE, the list goes on!


11. What’s the most interesting or funniest moment that’s happened in your company’s lifetime?: Every day we learn of some really fascinating document fraud cases. Recently we’ve come across fake online university courses where you pay a ‘tutor’ to fabricate bank statements, payslips and other loan docs for you!


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