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Today we discuss the best performers on the Canadian market as of mid-June 2022. Some of them are not among Mike’s favorites. Let’s discover why they performed so well and what to expect from these companies going forward. Most of all, is Mike right about his investment strategy?

You’ll Learn

  • Most of the best Canadian performers are in the Energy sector. We wanted to cover more diversified options, so we selected them differently. Mike, explains how he proceeded to get this list.
  • Methanex (MX.TO) is a company in the Materials sector and a leader in the methanol industry. It was doing very well before the pandemic and then cut its dividend. Will the run for commodity prices continue to help MX.TO bounce back or is the future growth limited?
  • Supremex (SXP.TO) is the 5th largest player in North America for custom envelopes and packaging products. As 70% of its revenue comes from envelopes, what should investors expect?
  • Hammond Power Solutions (HPS.A.TO) is an industrial company that has been around for more than 100 years but remains a small-cap. It shows a solid balance sheet and a strong dividend triangle lately. However, everyone looks good on prom night, right?
  • Canadian Natural Resources (CNQ.TO) is a great energy stock. While the easy money is gone, the long-term perspective could be interesting and Mike explains why.
  • The best Canadian performer in 2022 is another energy stock: Imperial Oil (IMO.TO). Vertical integration helps protect the company from short-term oil price swings, but is it enough?
  • Most of the picks on this list are not among Mike’s favorites. One could challenge him on his strategy when thinking about 2022’s results. What is Mike’s answer to that?

Check out the list! CNQ.TO is part of our top 14 Canadian dividend stocks to buy this year. 


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