Best Foreign MNC Stocks listed in Indian Stock Exchanges!


List of Best Foreign MNC Stocks listed in Indian Stock Exchanges: There are over 5,000 companies that are publicly listed on BSE & NSE, the two leading stock exchanges in India. However, not all of these listed companies are Indian corporates or companies primarily of Indian origin.

Many such listed companies are foreign MNCs that have gone public in India and raised money from the Indian stock exchanges. In this post, we will look into the list of the top Foreign MNC Stocks listed in Indian stock exchanges. Keep reading.

What are MNCs?

An MNC can be defined as a corporation that offers facilities and services to more than one country, other than their home country. They have factories and offices in multiple countries and are globally managed from their centralized office, typically in their parent country. Anyways, please note that simply exporting goods to other countries to be sold does not make a company an MNC.

The primary reason for a company to become an MNC is to grow its customer base and to expand in multiple countries for generating more revenue and profit. These MNCs may improvise (or add) on their products/services specific to the countries where they are operating to fit the customer needs and culture. Further, these MNCs need to follow the rules, regulations, and tax structure based on the countries they are operating in.

Benefits of Investing in Foreign MNC Stocks

Most of the MNCs listed in India operates from developed countries, that act as their global head. These MNCs have access to superior technology, a stable business model, network advantage, an experienced management team, and obviously, have higher budgets. Moreover, being in the business for a longer time, they also have good experience in running a company smoothly along with growing their reputation and brand. These MNCs have a more defined business model and corporate governance.

Looking into all these factors, Foreign MNC Stocks listed in Indian Stock Exchanges can make good investment options for investors who wish to invest in global brands with reliable performance history.

List of Foreign MNC Stocks listed in Indian Stock Exchanges

Here is the list of the MNC Stocks listed in Indian Stock Exchanges along with their Industry, Market cap (in Rs Cr), and their last trading price at the time of posting this article:

S No Company Marketcap (Rs Cr) Industry Current Price (Rs)
1 ABB India Ltd. 55,850 Electric Equipment 2,636
2 Bata India Ltd. 23,420 Retailing 1,822
3 Procter & Gamble Hygiene & Health Care Ltd. 45,500 Household & Personal Products 14,014
4 Abbott India Ltd. 42,750 Pharmaceuticals & Drugs 19,989
5 Bosch Ltd. 48,120 Auto Ancillary 16,315
6 Hindustan Unilever Ltd. 6,15,970 Household & Personal Products 2,622
7 Nestle India Ltd. 1,80,052 Consumer Food 18,675
8 Colgate-Palmolive (India) Ltd. 43,450 Household & Personal Products 1,600
9 Castrol India Ltd. 11,000 Lubricants 111
10 Astrazeneca Pharma India Ltd. 7,550 Pharmaceuticals & Drugs 3,020
11 Gillette India Ltd. 17,550 Household & Personal Products 5,388
12 Honeywell Automation India Ltd. 33,650 Consumer Durables – Electronics 38,000
13 Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd. 27,950 IT – Software 3,200
14 Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. 2,64,400 Automobiles – Passenger Cars 8,750

(Source: Trade Brains Portal)


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Closing Thoughts

In this post, we looked into Foreign MNC Stocks listed in Indian Stock Exchanges. Most of these MNCs are based in developed nations, have a stable business, and are known brands that make them good investment options.

However, there are also a few risks associated with investing in MNCs that include regulatory or legal risks, political risks, cultural sensitiveness, as well as fluctuations in currency exchange rates. Moreover, many commoners resent MNC companies with the growing trend of ‘Vocal for local’ i.e. using and popularizing local products, and hence, it may have some effect on the MNCs in the long term.

That’s all for this post on the list of best Foreign MNC Stocks listed in Indian Stock Exchanges. Do comment below which of these stocks are your favorite ones in the above list and why. Have a great day and Happy Investing.


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