Biden Releasing 10 Million More Barrels of Oil From US Strategic Petroleum Reserve (Reserve DOWN -35% Under Biden Before Additional Release, Foodstuffs UP 50%, Heating Oil UP 130%, Gasoline UP 61.4%, Public Debt UP 12%) – Confounded Interest – Anthony B. Sanders


Nothing from nothing. The should be the campaign motto for the midterm elections.

What do we have? Regular gasoline prices are UP 61.4% under Biden, the strategic petroleum reserve is DOWN -35% before Biden’s latest release of another 10 million barrels. Foodstuffs are UP 50% under Clueless Joe, and heating oil futures are UP 130% under dementia Joe.

And thanks to free-spending Joe, Nancy and Chuckie, US public debt is at $31.1 TRILLION. That is ANOTHER 12% in national debt under the 4 Horsemen of the Economic Apocalypse.

For an additional 12% in national debt (to be paid by our children and grandchildren), we have crippling inflation.

Great job DC!


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