CoinStats GLXY NFT Collection Just Dropped


Wanna use the best-in-class NFT Analytics Toolkit & amazing insights from experts? Keep reading 👀

We have some good news in these somewhat trying & tiring times – CoinStats GLXY NFT collection has dropped and is open for minting. Even better news is that it is completely free for all CoinStats users: the only thing you need to add a GLXY NFT to your collection is 3,000 Sparks + minting gas fees. And, as you probably remember, you can get Sparks by just exploring CoinStats and performing simple quests.   

CoinStats GLXY is a collection of 10,000 unique, randomly-generated NFTs on the Ethereum network. It was proudly created by us – CoinStats, world’s #1 crypto management platform that supports the most number of wallets and exchanges on the market.

As you can see, in CoinStats GLXY, the symbols of the most prominent players of the crypto world are orbiting the CoinStats planet. That’s right, we have more satellites than Jupiter! And they make our planet’s sky magnificent. 

CoinStats GLXY is riffing off some young internet nostalgia and cosmic deconstruction. The NFTs will surely make a nice addition to your collection. But of course, just looking at the part isn’t enough. We have some majestic perks associated with the collection. Here’s how the game’s set up: 

You may luck out and get one of the rare NFTs from the GLXY collection. Super exciting! This will get you Lifetime CoinStats Premium. Our premium toolkit will guide you to better gains your whole life. On your deathbed, you can even leave it to your grandkid.

If you just get a regular GLXY NFT, there is still plenty to play with. All NFTs unlock: 

📊 NFT Analytics Toolkit: Take advantage of best-in-class NFT analytics powered by Origin on Discord.

🤓 Insights from Experts: We’ve partnered with top notch nerds and degens to deliver the outcome of tens of hours in research into the crypto market. 

🎁 Monthly Giveaway Channel: Airdrops, offers, merchandise and more!

🌞 Daily Report Channel: Few will get the chance to have a look into the golden nuggets found by the CoinStats analytics team! Stay on top of the game with CoinStats’ cream of the crop daily digest of insights, ecosystem news, trends, tweets and more.

To access these holder-exclusive channels, you simply need to join the official CoinStats Discord server and follow the steps here to verify your NFT ownership and claim your exclusive Discord role!

So, what’s the holdup? Spend those Sparks on some galactic NFTs & discover a whole new world of crypto gifts and acumen.


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