DDU Dividend Update: June 2022


Author: Mr and Mrs DDU.

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Ultimately, we want to grow our dividends so that they cover our expenses, when we reach that point: we will be financially independent. The earlier we can achieve this, the better. Every dividend received is a step on the financial security staircase.

Tracking it keeps us motivated and is a great way to see how far we’ve come, especially when it feels like there is so much more to go.  

Our dividend updates and graphs run from 1st July to 30th June each year, lining up with the Australian tax year.

Dividend Update

In June we were paid a total of $48.33 cash, $20.71 franking credits and an overall total of $69.04.

Here is our dividend graph for the tax year:

June 2021: $0

June 2022: $69.04

Increase in dollars: $69.04

Increase in percentage: Infinity%

June has been the most difficult month for us to receive dividend payments because of the way that most ASX shares pay half-yearly dividends, rather than quarterly. However, we now have two in our portfolio that have a June quarterly payment date.

As usual, we’re including a table showing all the dividends we’ve received since we started blogging so you can see the progress over the years. Our table is by calendar year. Here it is:

What we expect our rolling 12 months of dividends to be

In our dividend updates we have also decided to share what we expect the next 12 months of our dividends to be, based on our current holdings. This number will (hopefully) grow every month as we buy more shares.

Tracking this helps us see the progress towards our FIRE base level annual cashflow goal – a number we call “ramen noodle”, which just equates to a level of very basic living. Seeing our expected annual dividends growing is inspiring.

Current expected rolling 12 months of dividends are: $10,630 of dividends.

We haven’t bought anything since the last monthly update, so the expected total hasn’t changed yet, but we should see another nice increase in total dividends after making our investments this month.

How was your June for dividends?

Thanks for reading this article about our investing journey Down Under. Onwards and upwards!


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