The premise of data science is simple enough: turning data into insights, and using these insights to solve problems. But it’s a field with possibilities as diverse as the people who practice it. 

Whether tracking the spread of COVID-19, predicting the future impact of climate change, making smart factories smarter, or delivering personalized e-commerce shopping experiences to consumers, applied data science has become ubiquitous in modern life.  

For Intuit data scientists, it’s all about unleashing the power of data to transform the world of consumer, self-employed, and small business finances. At a recent Intuit Tech Stories webinar, Driving Innovation & Transportation: Women in Data Science, a panel of Intuit technologists shared their first-hand experiences in the field and advice for those looking to enter it. 

With backgrounds ranging from mathematics and electrical engineering to ecology and astrophysics, these four women show that anyone with a scientific mind and a passion for solving problems can pave an exciting path in this fast-evolving domain. 

Check out the webinar replay for a glimpse into their day-to-day work, what they wish they’d known just starting out in their careers, and what inspires them. 

It’s essential viewing for any data scientist-in-the-making.

And, please join us at the Women in Data Science (WiDS) 2021 virtual conference, where you can meet Intuit data scientists at our Expo Booth during the 24-hour event from Sunday, March 7 through Monday, March 8 (Asia Pacific, EMEA, Americas). 


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