Elon Musk Gets A Piece Of Advice From Raoul Pal As He Takes Over Twitter: 'Society Will Break Apart If AI Proliferates' - Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META), Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)


Economist Raoul Pal on Friday took to Twitter to discuss the need for content moderation and the perils of relying solely on artificial intelligence, or AI. We need blockchain ID and content authentication urgently, Pal said.

Incidentally, Elon Musk, suggested after taking over Twitter, Inc. TWTR the social media platform will form a content moderation council with diverse viewpoints.

“No major content decisions or account reinstatements will happen before the council convenes,” he added.

AI Can Break Society Apart: Pal said, “society will break if AI proliferates,” adding that without content moderation no one knows what is real or fake. AI can create realistic copies of voices, images, writing and video, and these can be done at scale for near-zero cost.

“So, any bad actor can create any narrative and 99% of people won’t know it is fake,” Pal said. State actors, according to him, were the scariest and biggest threat in using this technology.

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Startups Can’t Help: While noting that a lot of startups are trying to solve this issue, Pal said there is literally “ZERO” chance they will scale enough to address the problem.

Companies with the biggest scale, namely Apple Inc. AAPL Meta Platforms, Inc. META, Microsoft Corporation’s MSFT LinkedIn and TikTok, if not banned, should be able to solve this, he added.

Pal Has A Solution: “Zero Knowledge Proofs” can help keep data private while giving verified authentication, the economists said. “But using your compute on analyzing wallets and social graphs will give you a new edge over many,” he said.

It’s good for people to have divergent views, Pal said. However, when it is used against society using AI deep fakes, “we are in for deep, deep trouble,” he said.

He called Musk’s attention to zkproofs I.D. and blockchain content authentication as a “big solve” for stopping “deep fakes and state actors.” If your I.D. and content authentication is interoperable with the other large platforms, this can be solved quickly and without societal damage, he added.

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