Expanding Market Access: Nasdaq’s Swedish Markets Welcome U.S. Companies on the Exchange


Starting this month, U.S. companies have the option to list on Nasdaq’s Swedish Markets, widening access to public investment for companies not yet big enough for the U.S. markets. Companies that choose to list with Nasdaq Swedish Markets join a market with the highest annualized return for investors of any market for the past 40 years and may dual list on the U.S. exchange.

Nasdaq’s Swedish markets attract some of the most profitable sectors of business, including technology, cleantech, biotech, medtech and gaming, and lists some of the global giants in these areas, such as Astra Zeneca (AZN), ABB Group (ABB), Ericsson (ERIC), Investor AB (IVSBF), Volvo Cars (VLVOF), Evolution (EVGGF), Embracer Group (THQQF), and more.

Along with the market’s big-name companies, one of the keys to Nasdaq Swedish Market’s success is the courtship and advancement of small-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which make up the bulk of the exchange. Nasdaq’s Swedish Markets are home to the Nasdaq First North Growth Market and the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market, both of which are dedicated to helping companies raise investor visibility and prepare them for a main market listing.

The key benefits of listing on Nasdaq’s Swedish Markets include:

  • Access to Capital (global/local)
  • Visibility and Credibility
  • Liquid Market
  • Sector strength
  • Ease of Access

“Through a listing on Nasdaq’s Swedish markets, U.S. companies can increase their European investor reach and visibility. In addition, the Nordic ecosystem provides access to a very sophisticated investor pool focusing on impact and ESG investments,” said Adam Kostyál, Head of European Listings at Nasdaq.

Nasdaq’s Swedish markets and its dedication to ESG has already helped U.S. companies like Smart Wires leverage their business achievements to international investors.

As an energy transition business headquartered in North Carolina, Smart Wires chose Nasdaq First North Growth Market due to its offering of a vibrant destination to raise capital,” said Peter Wells, Chief Executive Officer of Smart Wires. “By enhancing our ownership base with long-term, ESG focused investors in Europe, we are broadening our growth opportunities and increasing awareness of grid efficiency for a sustainable, secure, net-zero world.

The Nasdaq First North Growth market alone has seen 520 new listings in the last six years and helped numerous companies grow their business to become more attractive and competitive on the world stage.

Under U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Regulation S Category 3 restrictions, companies can list on Nasdaq Swedish Markets. Notably, companies with a connection to the Nordic or European market—with a valuation of more than $50 million—are of particular interest to Swedish and international investors.

“Through a listing on Nasdaq’s Swedish markets or dual listing, U.S. companies will access a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem, giving companies access both Nordic and international investors,” said Kostyál.


Image and article originally from www.nasdaq.com. Read the original article here.