FIRE, Fat FIRE, or Lifestyle Design [Podcast]



Most people retire at around 60-65 years old. Many investors know about the FIRE movement but might find it hard to achieve. But did you ever think about your own retirement design? What are the pros and cons of each option and which one is best suited for you? And what’s the place of dividend growth investing? Let’s dive into FIRE, Fat FIRE, and lifestyle design!

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You’ll Learn

  • The classic retirement scheme is easy to follow and makes the world work in a good way. You may expect more from life, but it might also suit your need for security and comfort.
  • Should you live within your means or should you have more imagination? Is money always the goal?
  • Typical lean FIRE requires people to save at least 25% of their annual expenses and spend less each year than the average American. Is it easy to achieve? What are its downsides? Who is it made for?
  • Fat FIRE seems like more fun, it’s like adding extra bacon on everything! However, this option requires a lot of sacrifices and a good starting point. Are you willing to give it your 100% for a couple of years?
  • Lifestyle design seems like the perfect balance. Still, it brings some chaos in one’s life that not everyone will welcome. There’s no free lunch in finance and this way of living makes no exception. Opening the doors to more possibilities sometimes means working on a Sunday morning…
  • Where is Mike at and what is his ideal?
  • Should dividend growth investing be at the center of your retirement design? How does it help Mike achieve his goals?

It’s time to work on your retirement goals! Download the Recession-Proof Portfolio Workbook now!

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