Future of real asset platforms: Interview with Manuela Seve


Are you wondering was is next for real asset platforms? Given all the noise with NFTs… Unless you have never heard of NFTs, which is possible… but unlikely! Fintech Review asked a few questions to Manuela Seve, Chief Executive Officer of alphaa.io to decode all this garbled noise…

Tell us more about Alpha’a. What is your elevator pitch?

Alphaa.io NFT for REAL connects the physical and digital realms. We are doing for smart contracts what Shopify did for e-commerce: creating a utility solution that can be easily adapted and will revolutionize asset ownership. On alphaa.io there are no gas fees, no need to create a meta mask wallet. And we also give our users the capacity to organize inventory of physical assets. 

This decentralized saas approach empowers creators to own their destiny. Furthermore, it makes it possible for anyone to create and customize their own smart contracts adding the utility features necessary for their projects.

What is your background and what is the story behind the company?

My background is in finance but I grew up surrounded by art, with a family of artists and art professionals.  During my time in finance I was an equity analyst with a focus on real estate and commodities. One day, I picked up Marc Rich’s bio, “King of Oil” and realised that there were so many similarities between the oil market in the 60’s and the art market. At that point, I knew that I had to build a tool to democratize information. That is what sparked the idea of alpha’a.

Our story begins over 7 years ago. Through our art and real estate licensing business we learned about asset ownership and transfer, and built a certification protocol fitting for our own needs. We’ve been working with blockchain since 2017.

How is the real assets market evolving?

We’re living a moment similar to the early days of the web, and blockchain tech will completely change our relationship with assets. 

Especially collectibles and stores of value.  We expect a way more decentralized scheme of ownership and broader access to capital.

What problems are you solving with Alpha’a?

We are cutting out all the red tape around funding creative projects, doing for NFT issuance what shopify did for ecommerce. The current process available for NFT’s is not only built for the digital world, but it is extremely complicated (have you tried to create a metamask wallet?), expensive and pollutant.

We built our infrastructure on EOS which is 66k times less energy consumptive vs. Ethereum and allows us to offer token plans, starting at $1 a token and no gas fees.  Trully democratizing access to this technology to users in the real world economy.

Any innovation in fintech more broadly that you are really excited about?

Our system will create a framework for unparalleled cross industry collaboration allowing for several layers of funding and donations, with the capital going straight to the project.  Resale royalties mean that as a project gains more notoriety parties continue to be compensated, FOREVER. 

This behavior is similar to the stock market, it is a system making it possible for the average Jo to organize micro IPO’s and set the rules of funding for his backers.  It’s an exciting time for innovation. Imagine all the ideas that never got produced, that now have access to capital!

Any plans for the future or product roadmap you want people to know about?

We’re opening up a $20MM series A raise, and this will put us as a female Latina founded company in a very small percentage of founders. But this is only the beginning. Our escrow tech has a wide range of applications that will change asset ownership in major industries uniting Fin and Proptech finally.


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