Happy Birthday Australian FinTech!


3 years ago, back in early 2015, Cameron Dart and Rob James set out on creating a website for a new industry called ‘Fintech’. A portmanteau of financial technology, Fintech was reasonably established in the UK and the US but in Australia it was only in its infancy.

Australian FinTech was launched as a platform to help replicate the success in these other markets and assist the Australian Fintech industry to become a global player. By showcasing all the amazing Aussie Fintech companies and their incredible products and services, the platform has helped the world recognise Australia as one of the Top 5 Fintech countries in the world.

In many cases our site is the first point of call for journalists, members of the public and even where customers start to find a Fintech provider and/or learn about financial technology.

“When we started the platform and built the Directory, we began with about 60 companies on the site. We thought there might be a few more pop out of the woodwork and maybe get to 80 and dreamt of 100,” Cameron stated.

“Yesterday, we added our 600th Fintech company! It’s quite unbelievable,” he said

“More impressive though,” Rob adds, “is that we have a total of 800 Fintechs on our database and it’s growing every day. After speaking to industry bodies and accounting firms that specialise in Fintech, we’re confident we have the most comprehensive database of Fintech companies operating in Australia.”

“We’re at the forefront of Fintech in Australia and so ahead of the game that some of those start-ups on our database haven’t even launched yet. But they see the reputation we’ve built up over the past 3 years and the hard work we’ve put in, and so they come to us because they might be launching soon and want to know how they can get their company on our Directory and their press release launch in our Newsfeed. It’s great to see,” Dart adds.

For each of the 600 companies on the Directory, there is the company’s logo, bio, products and services, Founder and/or CEO details, slogan and a linkback to their website.

“Surprisingly, when searching in Google, many of the Fintech company’s Directory page on our site ranks higher than their own URL, until they manage to build their online presence up,” James said, “It’s a very valuable marketing tool for these Fintechs.”

In addition to the site’s impressive Directory, there’s a daily Newsfeed, events page, products and services list as well as education pieces.

“We also have a Partner Program page where we partner with Fintechs and non-Fintechs who see our audience as their customers,” James said.

Australian FinTech have published over 2,600 articles relating to all matters concerned with Fintech in Australia.

“Because of the size of our network, along with our speed and agility, we’re often first to market with Fintech news. In most cases, articles are published on our site within 30 minutes of receiving them and shortly after shared to the world via social media. What people read on other news outlets today, was probably published on our site yesterday, or even the day before that,” Dart said.

Australian FinTech stats to date:

  • 2,600+ Posts
  • 603 Fintech Companies listed on the Directory
  • 800+ Fintech Companies on the Australian FinTech database
  • 2,700+ Newsletter Subscribers
  • 8,500+ Social Media Followers
  • 10,000+ Social Media Posts
  • 315,000+ Users
  • 1,285,000+ Pageviews

“On behalf of Rob, myself and the others behind the scenes that have helped us get to where we are today, we want to say a big Thank You!

“We also want to say thank you to all the people who visit AustralianFinTech.com.au every day and to all the amazing people we’ve met (so far!) in the Fintech world over the past 3 years,” Dart said.



Image and article originally from australianfintech.com.au. Read the original article here.