How Blockchain is Revolutionizing Business-Communication Networks


The traditional model of communication networks is based on a centralized infrastructure where a single entity controls the entire network. This approach has several disadvantages, including vulnerabilities to attacks and information censorship.

From a business standpoint, most enterprises rely on external entities for their communication infrastructure because of high construction and maintenance costs. However, this results in siloed communication networks lacking interoperability and having inefficiencies.

Moreover, with the increasing use of email scraping tools, employees spend around two hours daily weeding out spam from essential emails. Considering such bombardment of organizational inboxes with unsolicited communications, giving individuals more control over who can message them is necessary.

Leveraging blockchain technology and cryptography, innovative messaging platforms like TokLok address the above issues, as discussed in this article.

Permissioned Networks, Private Communications

A permissioned communication network is where the participant’s identity is duly verified, even if publicly undisclosed. Creating such networks is possible using blockchains where users can have a unique and cryptographically verifiable digital identity. One can use this identity to access services available only to authorized users.

By enabling users to host private communication channels cost-effectively, blockchain also enhances data and information security. There’s minimal scope for censorship and privacy breaches since users have complete control over their communications data.

Besides individuals, permissioned networks are particularly beneficial for enterprises requiring secure means of communicating sensitive information, both internally and externally. And in light of the above statistics, private and spam-free communications boost the overall productivity of the workforce. Thus, blockchain-powered networks can, indeed, transform business communications holistically.

TokLok – Locking the Talk

TokLok is a pioneer in using blockchain technology to ensure better, more secure business communications. The team thus set out to develop a flagship instant messaging application powered by the TokLok Token ($TOL).

The Ethereum-based private messenger allows users to choose who can communicate with them. Moreover, besides strong encryption, TokLok ensures complete anonymity since it doesn’t store users’ messages. It is thus one of the most secure, end-to-end encrypted instant messaging applications.

$TOL is an ERC-20 token necessary for accessing TokLok. It is available on the project’s official website, purchasable with BTC, ETH, Polish złoty (PLN), and Euro. As of July 7, 2022, TokLok has sold 15% of tokens allocated for its first round of public sales ending on July 15, 2022. Since early adoption is crucial for the project’s long-term development, it offers investors in this round exclusive benefits like passive income and lifetime access to the TokLok App.

Talking About the Future

It is evident that the need for better communication networks is real and pressing. The advantages of using blockchain to create permissioned communication networks are many. TokLok is thus utilizing the power of blockchain to build a safer and more efficient business communication network.

As the world moves towards a more decentralized future, projects like TokLok will become increasingly relevant. In February 2022, the team launched the app’s iOS version and is currently focusing on token sales, implementing communicators in institutions, and introducing new features in the app.


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