In Oregon You Can Get Trained To Be A Licensed Psilocybin Therapy Provider


Educational platform training and certifying psychedelic therapists Fluence has been selected by Oregon’s Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) and the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to be a state-licensed provider of training for licensed facilitators to provide psilocybin services under Measure 109.

Following 2020’s historical Psilocybin Services Act, Oregon will become the first US state to allow licensed professionals to provide legal psilocybin services at licensed service centers for adults 21 and older, as of January 2023. 

The state’s therapeutic model requires a preparation and administration session and an optional post-integration session afterwards. While only the drug administration is required to take place at a service center -unlike cannabis regulation, patients cannot take psilocybin to their homes. All three sessions must be provided by a licensed facilitator.

Fluence, created by Drs. Elizabeth Nielson and Ingmar Gorman in 2019, has already trained 1,500 practitioners, including licensed professionals and graduate students, towards effective, compassionate, evidence-based psychedelic therapy and harm reduction and integration services. 

The HECC licensing opens the platform’s certificate in psilocybin-assisted therapy to therapists’ enrollment, with scholarships available for those in need.

This specific program involves a total 120 hours of instruction over the course of 8 months, including weekly self-paced study and home group meetings. Participants will also attend an in-person training session and complete 30 hours of live training. 

After completing the 120-hour program, participants will be eligible for 40 hours of practice. Furthermore, graduates from this HECC-approved program will be eligible to sit for the psilocybin facilitator’s exam through the OHA.

Photo courtesy of Chones and Cannabis_Pic on Shutterstock and Wikimedia Commons.


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