InfiniteWorld Launches New NFT Feature, Offering Condition Report


InfiniteWorld, an NFT and Metaverse infrastructure company, has launched an application generating condition reports for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The new application dubbed “NFT Grade” will issue detailed condition reports on NFTs, including energy consumption across multiple blockchain networks.

InfiniteWorld is the first platform to issue condition reports for NFTs. NFT Grade aims to elevate the trust and confidence of the traditional art world to the next level of the virtual world. It will provide unparalleled data and insights into NFTs, including energy consumption distinguishing itself from other platforms offering the same services. While commenting about the new NFT functionality, Yonathan Lapchik, the co-founder of InfiniteWorld, said:

“The high level of detail offered by InfiniteWorld’s NFT Grade product gives collectors the ability to accurately assess the real value of any given NFT, providing much-needed trust and assessment tools to the NFT community.”

NFT Grade Explained

NFT Grade is a unique feature offering detailed condition reports for NFTs. Users can leverage the NFT feature to evaluate NFTs across multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, Hedera, and Polygon blockchain networks.

Moreover, artists, curators, conservators, insurance companies, appraisers, and museum professionals can also leverage the new functionality to track the changing physical condition of their real-world assets.

NFT Grade will deliver detailed information on the asset’s smart contract code and storage, dissecting technical topics clearly. The new functionality will help those interested in the real value of NFTs before making any purchase. Sean Shim-Boyle, the creator of NFT Grade, explained:

“While there is enormous potential for NFTs to serve the best interests of artists, artist estates, foundations, museums, galleries, and auction houses, among others—tools to validate acts of integrity from artifice and to distinguish the work of con-men from the sincere are needed.”

InfiniteWorld, Aries Integration

InfinityWorld announced plans to launch an NFT application for generating condition reports on December 13, 2021. At the time, the NFT and Metaverse Infrastructure Company announced a successful partnership with Aries Corporation and proficient digital artist Sean Shim-Boyle to create the new NFT feature.

The recently integrated Aries Corporation is a special acquisition company that provides capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, and re-organization of similar businesses. The new integration will allow creators and brands to create programs around NFTs that offer a high level of engagement for their consumers and communities.


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