Nintendo Lets Gamers Review Everything They've Played In 2022 And For How Long — Just Like Spotify Wrapped - Nintendo Co (OTC:NTDOY)


Taking a leaf out of Spotify‘s Playbook, Nintendo Co. NTDOY Switch now allows users to access their “Nintendo Year in Review 2022.”

What Happened: Indulging in a popular end-of-year ritual — similar to Spotify Wrapped — Nintendo Switch has started enabling players to access a detailed breakdown of what games they played on Switch and for how long, reported Polygon. 

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Here’s how gamers can recap their 2022 moments on Nintendo Switch: 

Users need to go to the Nintendo website and log in to their accounts. They’ll see a report full of metrics, including the most played games along with the duration. Users will also see a month-by-month breakdown of what and when they played during the year. 

Additionally, gamers can choose to share images of the report on social media — just like Spotify Wrapped — albeit only for Nintendo Switch. 

Spotify Wrapped is a feature that highlights listeners’ favorite podcasts, albums, artists and tracks of the year in the form of Wrapped cards. These cards can be shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok.

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