Putin's Spokesperson Says Russia Will Target US Patriot Missiles In Ukraine As Washington Readies To Send Air Defence Support


As the Joe Biden administration prepares to send Patriot air defense missiles to Ukraine, the Kremlin said it would be a legitimate target for Russian strikes against Kyiv

What Happened: Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s spokesman slammed the U.S. decision to provide Kyiv with one of its most advanced air defense systems amid the war. 

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According to Reuters, Washington is finalizing plans to send the Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine and the Biden administration could announce the decision as soon as this week. 

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied to comment on unconfirmed media reports but said Patriots would “definitely” be a target for Russia, should the U.S. authorize them to be delivered to support Kyiv.

The Russian embassy in Washington warned of unpredictable consequences and said the proposed transfer was provocative. 

“Even without providing Patriots, the United States is getting deeper and deeper into the conflict in the post-Soviet republic,” the embassy wrote on Telegram.

“It is the United States that is responsible for the prolongation and escalation of the Ukrainian conflict.”

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