Trump's Nov. 6 Miami Rally Won't Feature Governor Ron DeSantis: 'An Elbow To Ron's Throat'


Donald Trump is scheduled to hold a rally in Miami, Florida, along with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) on Nov. 6, and the state’s governor Ron DeSantis will not be a part of the scheme of things, reports say.

The rally is scheduled for Nov. 6, just two days ahead of the midterm elections.

The exclusion of DeSantis from the campaign event is particularly important because the governor is running for re-election. Some people from the DeSantis’ camp are angered by the fact that the former president announced the itinerary without informing the Florida governor, Politico reported.

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The timing of the Trump-Rubio rally meant any campaign event DeSantis might be holding on the same day won’t get much attention, the report added.

“You’ve got the Sunday before Election Day totally hijacked by Trump parachuting in on Trump Force One taking up the whole day,” a Republican consultant who is close to DeSantis said, Politico reported, without naming the person.

Another reportedly said it was, “an elbow to Ron’s throat.”

The Trump camp, however, played it down, stating that it is part of a four-city tour the former president is making ahead of the elections.

Trump and DeSantis have not been on the best of terms recently, especially as the latter is being discussed as a potential presidential candidate in 2024. Following the publicity the Florida governor received with his infamous move to transport refugees to Martha’s Vineyard, Trump reportedly told his aides that DeSantis was stealing his thunder.

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