Crypto Zeus Reviews FightOut - New Move-to-Earn Crypto Presale


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Crypto Zeus reviewed FightOut for his 62k followers, the strong innovation platform that are focusing on the move-to-earn aspect of the ecosystem. The idea of move-to-earn is comparable to P2E, in which users receive prizes for playing games. However, with M2E, users earn rewards for moving around and staying active. Check out the list of best M2E crypto in 2023.

The below is the FightOut review, the personalized workouts and incentives system that they offer will not only assist you in accomplishing your objectives but will also keep you motivated and interested throughout the process.

Crypto Zeus FightOut Overview

FightOut is a move-to-earn platform in which you can collect rewards, level up your health, and compete in the metaverse. FightOut will keep track of the workouts you do in real life and enhance your avatar’s statistics while you engage.

The user experience is the most important aspect of FightOut, and the fact that it encourages individuals to stay fit and healthy and engage in physical activity is pretty great. Earning cryptocurrency while simultaneously maintaining a healthy lifestyle and moving about is a winning combination that works perfectly.

FGHT Presale

FightOut is in the first stage of presale, and raised $2.9 million. Currently, one FGHT costs $0.0166, with only eight days remaining until the price increase and buyers who participate in the presale have the opportunity to receive up to 50% more FGHT tokens. This is determined by the number of FGHT tokens acquired and the vesting period selected. Guide on how to buy FGHT token.

Up to 45% of the FGHT tokens will be sold and rewarded to early purchasers during the presale, allowing them to raise over $5 million to launch the app and open the first FightOut gym.

FightOut Mobile App

The FightOut companion app

FightOut support your efforts to exercise, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and keep moving. The FightOut companion mobile app is the same of having a personal trainer with you in your pocket. The application will design individualized routines for you in order to ensure that you are physically prepared for battle both in real life and in the metaverse.


When you compete in FightOut workouts, your digital fighter will level up, and you will win rewards for your achievements. These can be put toward the purchase of FightOut gym passes, merchandise, private training sessions, or NFT cosmetics for your avatar.

FightOut Challenges

Take part in challenges on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for greater earning potential. Put your skills to the test against those of other FightOut community members to get even more rewards.

FightOut Gyms

FightOut will launch the first significant Web3-integrated gyms. These IRL facilities maximize move-to-earn profits, showcase avatars, and build community.  Establishing a strong brand improves user base and interest for inapp features and items, which increases FGHT currency demand. After the presale, they will open the first FightOut gym in Q4.

They will open twenty FightOut gyms worldwide in important places if the presale raise is successful. Member density and community interest will determine location selection. Acquiring property takes awhile, to keep FGHT holders and app users informed, they will periodically update the FightOut gym roadmap.

FGHT Utility


REPS tokens are used for in-app purchases. REPS can be earned or purchased with fiat or FGHT. Buy REPS with FGHT and get 25% additional. Their partner Transak sells FGHT by credit card or exchange. Their goal is to make FGHT the default currency for buying REPS, increasing token demand.

Metaverse Uses

Fight Out metaverse currency is FGHT. Leagues, tournaments, and unique game types have entry fees and prize pools. Metaverse purchases will only be made with FGHT. Peer-to-peer wagers on high-profile contests will use FGHT. These could involve streamers, celebrities, legends, or other battles.


FightOut (FGHT) – Move to Earn in the Metaverse

FightOut token
  • CertiK audited & CoinSniper KYC Verified
  • Early Stage Presale Live Now
  • Earn Free Crypto & Meet Fitness Goals
  • LBank Labs Project
  • Partnered with Transak, Block Media
  • Staking Rewards & Bonuses

FightOut token

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