Dash Wallet app rolls out new fractional masternode staking feature with CrowdNode


Dash Core Group, the organization behind leading cryptocurrency DASH, announced today that it has begun to roll out a new addition to the official Dash Wallet mobile app on Android. Users can now create an account with staking partner CrowdNode, directly from within their Dash Wallet app.

Staying true to the decentralized values of both organizations, no personal information needs to be provided since all transactions happen to and from the same address and all aspects of the feature is visible on-chain.

Masternodes, powerful servers backed by collateral held in DASH, are designed to provide advanced services and governance on the blockchain and provide stable, and time-proven returns to Masternode operators as a result of this activity.

Dash + CrowdNode

CrowdNode launched its service in 2018 to pool Dash into masternodes and provide everyone the opportunity to both earn fractional masternode rewards and vote on Dash governance.

The team behind CrowdNode believes in transparency and is an active member of the crypto community. Since 2022 the Dash Investment Foundation (DIF) has taken an equity stake in CrowdNode.

Fractional masternodes allow users to earn income on their DASH holdings with as little as 0.5 DASH. Users will be able to deposit and withdraw funds instantly with CrowdNode in the official Dash Wallet app. It provides real-world utility to the Dash network and value to partners and their userbases.

 “As the first earning feature implemented in the Dash wallet it will help strengthen the acceptance and accessibility of Dash as the leading cryptocurrency for digital payments. There may be other Dash wallets that have earn features but I am not aware of any other wallet that you can earn AND that support InstantSend so you can immediately withdraw the Dash. We have additional features and improvements planned in later releases to take advantage of the many CrowdNode features that are available.”
– Brian Foster, Head of Product at Dash Core Group

CrowdNode staking provides several key benefits:

  • It is simple. CrowdNode takes only 15% of the rewards being generated.
  • Customize how frequently you receive your rewards.
  • Participate in Dash governance by voting on network proposals.

“We are excited about the integration of our new blockchain API service into the Dash Wallet.  This partnership will drastically improve user experience, aligning with Dash’s mission to become more accessible and user-friendly.  We are aware of the great responsibility it takes to hold peoples’ private keys.  We have spent a great amount of time in structuring how to gain the highest degree of security for our members as well as for our business.”
– Andreas Rud, Founder & CEO at CrowdNode

The new staking feature update is available for Android devices starting today and we will be introduced on iOS as soon as possible.


Image and article originally from www.cryptoninjas.net. Read the original article here.