Free NFTs If You Chug A Beer, Thanks To This Actor - Ethereum (ETH/USD)


A Hollywood actor is jumping into the world of cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens. And, he has a unique way to get people free NFTs.

What Happened: Actor Scott Eastwood, son of legendary actor and director Clint Eastwood, has starred in movies such as “Pacific Rim,” “Suicide Squad” and “The Fate of the Furious.”

The actor had now turned to the world of NFTs with a partnership with Pastel Network.

Eastwood said in an interview with Decrypt that he was hesitant to jump into the world of crypto due to many scams in the sector.

“I’ve been so weary,” Eastwood told Decrypt. “Just seeing a lot of pump-and-dump scams and not really wanting to put my feet in the water until I sort of understood it.”

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Why It’s Important: Eastwood will launch his own Ethereum ETH/USD NFTs using the SmartMint tool from Pastel. Three monthly NFT drops will happen from Eastwood and Pastel in October, November and December.

The first drop in October will be themed on pop culture with Eastwood featured in portraits of characters such as Wolverine, The Flash and Rambo.

Owning an NFT in the first collection will unlock benefits such as signed memorabilia from Eastwood and tickets to movie premieres.

The second drop will feature stills from an Eastwood movie and provide access to stills and memorabilia from other movies.

Eastwood’s third drop will be the most unique with a “chug-to-earn” element. Those who wish to get a piece from the third NFT collection will have to complete the “Eastwood Challenge” on social media. The challenge will include a video of shotgunning a beer and describing a favorite charity without burping.

If the challenge is completed, Pastel will donate to the charity and the NFTs will be unlocked.

Eastwood is co-owner of MadeHere, an all-American beer company based in Colorado.

Eastwood sees NFTs helping the film industry.

“It shifts power back to the artist,” Eastwood said. “That’s the ultimate for an artist, you know, to have control and have it tailored by the people and the market.”

Eastwood also said NFTs could help transform other markets such as real estate and medical records.

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