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With an innovative concept, Gala Games is set to overtake and improve on many industry standards. Gala Games has many gaming projects coming out, one of which is the Last Expedition. They will be holding a playtest on July 15th from 3-5 PM PT to get a sneak peek into the game before it launches.

With leading games for popular franchises like Call of Duty & Halo, Certain Affinity has created a platform that allows game developers to convert their project into a web3 game with benefits of ownership and rewards. This benefits any FPS developer who wants to take their gaming experience to the next level by incorporating the help of augmented reality and online coding.

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There are many opportunities for people to partake in this new experience. They can visit the official Discord channel and, as per rumours, may receive teasers of the game there. You can also follow Gala Games on social media using #LastExpedition to participate in their campaign.

About Last Expedition

Players can interact with a hostile world of aliens, where everyone wants them dead. Players can use blockchain technology to store their assets, including weapons, games, and characters.

Some video game previews were shared, but next week many of you will be able to experience this new gen web3 gameplay of the Last Expedition.

Early Opportunities to Play & Test

The Certain Affination Team’s game is near-finished and will be released after two years of hard work. Their ultimate goal is to release a world-changing FPS game for the future of gaming.

There will be an event in Las Vegas in December 2021 where you can go and try the newest game by Certain Affinity. They are working hard on getting the game ready for a future release while collecting data from players.

Recently, the Gala Games team successfully tested it, and the feedback has been mostly overwhelmingly positive so far.

Watch Party for other players

Last Expedition is a game that promises mind-bending and immersive gameplay. The player will explore a vast and asymmetrical world where every turn presents new surprises.

The game is not quite ready yet to be introduced to the world, but we couldn’t wait any longer to share, said Eric Schiermeyer, founder of Gala Games.

He added that if they can’t play, they can watch and understand why we’re so excited.

Unfortunately, you can’t watch gameplay from the e-sport event unless you are an invited player. However, attendees are encouraged to tune in for live streams of gameplay from some of their favourite Web3 content creators.

This playtest is exciting because it is a stepping stone toward revolutionizing Web3 games.

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This new project will allow gamers to earn a reward when they provide hosting resources to decentralized networks. This has been Gala Games‘ goal, and it feels like a milestone towards greater Web3 empowerment. The team is taking significant steps to revolutionize the future of gaming and, with that, make rewards scalable in an ecosystem.

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