Integrating The Third Dimension to Social Media


Social media is one of the most important inventions of the digital age. It has allowed us to communicate and connect with the world in a way that has never been possible in human history. Furthermore, it offers us the ability to form bonds with the world and find like-minded individuals who share the same ideas and beliefs.

However, social media is not without its limitations. One of the largest of which is to do with how information is presented and passed along. Social media platforms are practically all 2-dimensional, meaning that all data is displayed in a 2-dimensional format (i.e., on a screen). This means that people can only connect via text, images, sounds, and videos. While this is certainly still good, it cannot be denied that it leaves us longing for more.

We live in a 3-dimensional reality, which means we experience the world in a much richer way than current-day social media can display. Many moments in human existence are essential because they happen on a 3-dimensional plane, where people share space. We are social creatures, and the best way to socialize involves proximity and physicality. Sadly, most social media platforms cannot accommodate this.

Expanding The Boundaries

With that being said, developments in VR, AR, and even blockchain have caused scientists and developers to re-examine our social media landscape and create alternative platforms that help satiate our genuine desire for socializing and connectivity. As a result, immersive and digital spaces are being built that allow people to connect with the world from their computer while also interacting on a 3-dimensional plane.

One project at the forefront of this is MT Tower. This social media platform doubles as a fully functioning metaverse. This lifestyle and gaming environment is pushing the space’s boundaries by allowing people to form genuinely intimate connections online. All around the world, there is a silent recognition that creating bonds with mere words and images is not enough to satisfy us. But until recently, there were no digital alternatives.

Lockdowns triggered by the COVID pandemic taught us that humans crave 3-dimensional contact, rendering traditional social media ineffective and no longer fit for purpose. This is why metaverse environments such as MT Tower are more critical now than ever. Writing texts and sending pictures may have been enough to feel socially included pre-pandemic. Still, nowadays, we have awoken to just how lonely an experience can be. Websites are no longer sufficient; we need virtual spaces.

A Truly Immersive Future

MT Tower is building an intimate, all-encompassing, and emotive environment. It creates a virtual location where people can congregate, discuss ideas, make memories, and (above all) share space. It favors immersion beyond anything else as the project understands that humans are 3-dimensional beings who need 3-dimensional tools.

This is a critical moment for the social media landscape, as it is the first significant evolution of the industry since its inception. The move from 2-dimensions to three will be a welcome change for consumers and the public at large, as there is a subtle recognition among internet users that words, images, and videos are far too limited to capture the beauty of the human experience.




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