Kraken Donates $100,000 to Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative


Kraken is proud to announce that it has become a Diamond Sponsor of the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII), a U.S.-based nonprofit that harnesses intelligence to help financial institutions, technology firms and cryptocurrency exchanges combat human trafficking and child exploitation. 

“Kraken’s partnership with ATII will provide us with actionable data on illicit dark web use so our compliance team can better detect and respond to potential criminal activity,” said Ian Mynot, Senior FIU Manager at Kraken. “Kraken’s mission has been to accelerate the adoption of digital assets globally by offering a safe and secure route for clients to access with certainty and confidence. Cryptocurrencies have never been a safe haven for criminals and through this partnership, we are taking a proactive step to ensure that digital assets traded on Kraken are not used to facilitate human trafficking and child exploitation.”

“The Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative is honored to have Kraken as a formal sponsor and corporate partner in the fight against modern slavery,” said Aaron Kahler, ATII Founder & Chief Executive. “ATII is grateful to be able to leverage Kraken’s expertise and industry relationships within the crypto and finance world in our efforts to disrupt the operations, economics, and anonymity of human trafficking at the source.” 

There are an estimated 40.3 million victims of modern slavery around the world, the majority being women and girls. One in four people forced into slavery are children. 

ATII is solely focused on identifying the proceeds of human trafficking, tracking them through the financial system and notifying relevant parties so they can take action. By working with a range of partners, ATII hopes to end the trade of human beings for good. Kraken’s donation will enable ATII to continue providing financial institutions with the training and tools needed to prevent the use of digital assets in human trafficking. 

By partnering with ATII, we are furthering our mission to create an inclusive, transparent and trustless financial system through the adoption of cryptocurrency. In addition to our $100,000 donation, we will use our shared expertise in investigations and blockchain technology to help ATII strengthen its digital financial crime prevention efforts and bolster Kraken’s proactive investigations strategy.

Kraken’s partnership with ATII showcases our ongoing commitment to a high level of corporate social responsibility and highlights how Kraken’s platform remains off-limits to bad actors. We hope this will inspire other crypto companies to follow our example.

If you’re working on a project that’s driving innovation in the crypto industry, here’s how you can apply for a grant from Kraken.

Join us in our efforts to prevent the use of digital assets in human trafficking.



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