$15 Gasoline? Those Responsible Caught RED HANDED


“Don’t fight the Fed”

This has been gospel for investors since 2009. And the strategy has paid handsomely.

Which is why it’s peculiar now that the market is very clearly no longer following the Fed.

The Fed is busy hiking rates & loudly proclaim that it will due ‘whatever it takes’ to bring inflation under control.

The market, however, is currently pricing in 5 interest rate cuts over the coming year and a half.

The market and Fed are engaged in a high-stakes game of ‘chicken’.

Who will win?

And given who does, what will be the most likely implications for investors?

For a deep discussion on this as well as everything that mattered to markets this week, watch this Weekly Market Recap featuring Lance Roberts.

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Image and article originally from goldsilver.com. Read the original article here.

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