You Won't Believe This Stock That Is Positive On The Year


2022 has been an uncertain year in the markets, to say the least.

A number of second-quarter big tech earnings were delivered in recent weeks, showing signs of stability in the macro environment and less of a recession.

Microsoft Corporation MSFT and Alphabet Inc GOOG GOOGL, while down 13.68%, 16.72% year-to-date, respectively, showed steady revenue growth and margins given current macroeconomic conditions.

Microsoft reported a free cash flow of $17.8 billion, net profits of $16.7 billion, and optimistic annual projections. Similar to Apple, Google recently revealed a significant free cash flow of $12.6 billion and net earnings of $16 billion.

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Many companies slashed guidances and workforces ahead of a recession, whispers of which began at the beginning of 2022, causing many investor and COVID-19 pandemic favorites to significantly shrink from previous valuations.

Take, for example, Canadian e-commerce service Shopify Inc SHOP: its stock price flew as high as $1,690.60 per share in November 2021, making it a certified pandemic darling.

Today, high inflation, increased competition and a pullback in consumer spending online compared to during the pandemic is beating the stock down: shares of Shopify are down 70.38% year-to-date and the chart gets worse as you zoom out.

Or, let’s take a look at Netflix Inc NFLX: the once high-flying stock began the year trading at $591.15. After consecutive quarters of little to no growth, investors reeled in their cash, causing the stock to drop 59.34% year-to-date.

There is one investor favorite that is positive this year. Any guesses? Check the list below to find out! All figures are year-to-date.

Snap Inc SNAP -77.21%

Shopify Inc SHOP -70.36

Netflix Inc NFLX -59.37%

Spotify Technology SA SPOT -50.70%

PayPal Holdings Inc PYPL -49.56%

Meta Platforms Inc META -47.49%

Snowflake Inc SNOW -47.35%

Block Inc SQ -46.04%

Etsy Inc ETSY -44.66%

NVIDIA Corporation NVDA -40.11%

Zoom Video Communications Inc ZM -39.38%

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. AMD -34.33%

Tesla Inc TSLA -26.88%

Moderna Inc MRNA -26.32%

Salesforce Inc CRM -26.21%

Adobe Inc ADBE -22.49%

Atlassian Corporation PLC TEAM -17.69%

Alphabet Inc Class C GOOG -16.93%, Inc. AMZN -16.50%

Microsoft Corporation MSFT -13.85%

Apple Inc AAPL -7.36%

And the winner is … GameStop Corp. GME +5.91%

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